Busca Corp.’s Level Up YouTube Channel Hits 1 Million Subscribers

La Jolla, CA, August 4, 2017 -- Busca Corp, a pioneering digital entertainment company and the leading video game content provider for Spanish-speaking audiences in Latin America, proudly announced today that its Level Up YouTube Channel has hit 1,000,000 subscribers.

Launched in 2009, the Level Up YouTube channel compliments Busca Corp.’s LevelUp.com platform, which is Latin America’s leading online video game community and social networking destination, and ranked by Alexa among the top 100 websites in Mexico.

In addition to reaching the 1 million subscriber milestone, other Level UP YouTube channel achievements include:

• Over 1,800 original videos
• More than 215 million views
• Over 40 unique playlists that are curated by Level UP’s team of content experts
• Current total watch time of 969,658,213 minutes — which is the equivalent of 16,160,970 hours, 673,373 days or 1,844 years

The Top 10 countries ranked by watch time:

• Mexico (54%)
• Colombia (8.5%)
• Argentina (8.1%)
• Chile (6.4%)
• Peru (3.7%)
• Spain (3.3%)
• Venezuela (2.9%)
• Ecuador (2.7%)
• United States (1.6%)
• Costa Rica (1.4%)

The 5 most popular videos by view count:

• The 7 biggest video game scandals of 2015 (over 2.7 million views)
• TOP 5: Games for annoying childish trolls (over 2 million views)
• GUIDE: How to download Pokémon Go wherever you live (over 1.9 million views)
• TOP 5: Games that you would never show your parents (over 1.8 million views)
• TOP 5: Games that your parents hate the most (over 1.5 million views)

Commented LevelUp.com's Editor-In-Chief Gerardo Moreno: “Just two years ago, we were celebrating our 200,000th subscriber and 20,000,000th view. Now, those numbers have skyrocketed to 1,000,000 and 215,000,000, respectively. We are very proud of our high quality and editorial standards, and are pleased that this commitment continues to drive engagement and loyalty.”

Commented Busca Corp.’s CEO Ramon Toledo: “The exponential growth of our Level UP You Tube channel is driven by a singular vision, which is provide our community with original, high quality content that they cannot find anywhere else. I am grateful to our subscribers and visitors for their loyalty, and proud of our talented and dedicated team that works extremely hard to ensure that we are always doing our best, and constantly striving to raise the bar even higher. It has been an exciting journey so far, but we are far from done, and our team is looking forward to much more growth and innovation in the months and years ahead!”


Busca Corp. (www.buscacorp.com) is a digital entertainment network in Mexico, Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market. The company has offices in La Jolla, California; Tijuana and Mexico City, Mexico; Santiago, Chile; and Bogota, Colombia. Busca Corp. is a culturally rich and diverse corporation, with over 82 employees dedicated to niche markets around the world, and to leveraging partnerships with leading firms, including Yahoo, Sony, Terra Networks, CBS, and Warner Brothers. Their primary properties include www.Levelup.com, www.Qore.com, www.Metatube.com, www.SanDiegoRed.com, www.Tarreo.com, and now www.Tomatazos.com.

LevelUp.com is part of Busca Corp.'s vast network of online properties which also includes Qore.com, Metatube.com, SanDiegoRed.com, Tarreo.com and now, Tomatazos.com, the Spanish version of Rotten Tomatoes. LevelUp.com continues to be the leading online video game community and social networking website in Mexico and Latin America. The interactive platform serves Spanish-speaking users around the world and features news, previews, reviews, original web shows, and video trailers for the video game community.

Just two years ago, we were celebrating our 200,000th subscriber and 20,000,000th view. Now, those numbers have skyrocketed to 1,000,000 and 215,000,000, respectively

Gerardo Moreno