Tomatazos and VidBox join to conquer Mexican moviegoers

LA JOLLA, CA –May, 11th, 2017. — Busca Corp., a leading digital entertainment network based in La Jolla, CA and with offices in Tijuana, Mexico City, Bogota, and Santiago de Chile, announced today that it has signed an agreement with Vidbox Mexico with the objective of growing both brands in Mexican territory and expand both the number of users of its platforms.

Their interest is clear: to gradually attract the attention of the economically active Internet user who searches for audiovisual entertainment — particularly cinematographic and television series (YouTubers, please go on). While (the official Spanish-language version of Rotten Tomatoes in Latin America) is concerned with inducing a taste for film criticism and passion for the seventh art, Vidbox ventures into a disruptive model for spectators who want a new experience in the consumption of audiovisual products.

In the case of Tomatazos, through its database of films, series, critics, actors, directors and other actors involved in the film sector, adding to its initial value proposal (content based or derived from the famous Tomatometer, which qualifies films according to the opinion of critics) seeks to add extra value by indexing to their database the possibility of DVDs and blu-ray rentals through Vidbox.

"Sometimes going to the theatre is not an option", says Veronica Sanchez, executive editor of Tomatazos. And when you are a movie buff, the additional material that can only be seen on DVDs and blu-rays (which include, of course, interviews and rich content for fans), isn’t possible to acquire in any streaming platform. Netflix is not everything when you love movies and know the DVD experience. But, you know, sometimes, such additional material does not always merit the investment that is required for a product of this type, and, you know, the price sometimes is too expensive once released. Vidbox returns the classic experience of Blockbuster as a way to enjoy this additional material before one can acquire it in January sales, for example”, expressed film critic Veronica.

Vidbox is a response to the growth of disruptive innovation in the digital media sector as a way not only to survive the fourth industrial revolution, but also to promote it and be a part of change —risk as a part of success. The media and entertainment industry (M & E) is undergoing dramatic changes at the global level. The disruptive innovation in the industry and the growth that it presents, is leading the consumers to choose between several participants of the market, reason why companies like Vidbox are now changing their traditional business models. The key areas where companies in this industry should focus are:

1. Growth of SVoD and VoD services
2. Improvements in content discovery
3. Increase in mobile video

Therefore, and according to PWC's 20 Years Inside The Minds of Entertainment and Media CEOs study, the CEOs of leading companies in the M & E industry are sure to focus primarily on the areas of digital capabilities and technological innovation. According to data from the Analyzing the Global Media Industry 2017 report, by the end of 2020 the global M & E industry is expected to exceed $1 trillion, with the Asia-Pacific market and the US market, accounting for more than half of the value of this amount.

On the other hand, according to data from PWC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2014-2019 report, the M & E industry in the United States accounts for a third of the industry globally, making it the largest market in this industry, which is expected to reach US$771 billion by 2019, compared to US $ 632 billion in 2015, a forecast increase of 22%.

BuscaCorp intends to promote a proposal that allows the induction of different practices for online consumption. Vidbox, for its part, will benefit from the audience and reach of, currently the second largest in Mexico among film media and one of the five most prominent in Spanish-language on the same subject — and only just two years after their arrival to Aztec land. Therefore, the online presence of will be used to increase the presence of Vidbox Mexico through SEO strategies and social networks. Vidbox Mexico services will complement Tomatazos’ content offering, reviews and virtual community.

To achieve the project’s objective, the strategy will include editorial solutions that will foster online video culture. Tomatazos will develop a content marketing strategy based on Vidbox catalog while adhering to the critical editorial guidelines that characterize the original site: Rotten Tomatoes.

BuscaCorp. will also implement a similar strategy with, the number one video game site in Latin America and recognized worldwide as an authority on video game reviews. will use its social networks in a creative way to increase Vidbox Mexico’s video game catalog among its millions of monthly readers looking for more and better ways to get the games they want.

Along with this strategy, BuscaCorp. will also offer through its news portal an opportunity for Vidbox Mexico to increase its presence in its birthplace: Baja California, Mexico, through an efficient SEO and Content Management strategy by creating editorial pieces that promote Vidbox Mexico as the number one and local solution for DVD rentals and video games in Mexican territory.

All these actions have something in common: 1.- optimize the presence of Vidbox in search engines optimization (SEO); 2.- promote a new shopping experience in the online entertainment sector; 3.- Encourage e-commerce practices in Mexican territory.

About Busca, Corp.

Busca, Corp. ( Is a leading digital entertainment network in Mexico, Latin America and the Hispanic market in the United States. The company has offices in La Jolla, California; Tijuana, Mexico City; Bogota, Colombia, and Santiago de Chile. Busca, Corp. is a culturally enriched and diverse company with more than 80 employees dedicated to specialized markets around the world, associated with industry leaders such as Yahoo, Sony, Terra Networks, CBS, Warner Bros., Wurl TV, and others. Its main properties include,,,, y,

About Vidbox Mexico

Vidbox is a company dedicated to the rental of movies and video games on DVD through kiosks at strategic points such as supermarkets, convenience stores, commercial centers, etc. It has positioned itself as the leading provider of this type of service in Baja California, and is looking to expand further to achieve the same type of success as Redbox in the United States, which has partnered to present itself as its official entry to Mexico.

For more information or interviews with the CEOs of both companies please contact:

Abel Gutierrez
Director of Operations
Ph: +1 (858) 454-5111
7590 Fay Ave, Suite 506 La Jolla, CA 92037

Marco Antunez
Chief Editor | Tomatazos (Rotten Tomatoes in spanish)
Tel: +52 (55) 6265 0300
Lousiana, 122. Col. Nápoles, C.P. 03810, México D.F.

Vidbox returns the classic experience of Blockbuster as a way to enjoy this additional material before one can acquire it in January sales, for example

Veronica Sanchez, Executive Editor,