Our Network

  • LevelUp

    Where gamers play and update

    The most influential and recognized gaming site in Mexico and Latin America. Levelup.com features fresh and original content created by gamers for gamers concerning reviews, webshows, special covereges, and latest news about the video game industry.

  • Qore

    All you need to know about the tech industry in Latin America

    Qore.com features the latest news, reviews and updates concerning the tech industry worldwide. At Qore tech savvy and geeky users get to learn first hand all they need to know about the latest products, gadgets and upcoming releases in Mexico and Latin America.

  • Tomatazos

    A site for reviews, trailers, news, critics and ratings for films in theaters, television and streaming.

    Tomatazos.com is the first digital media in Mexico and Latin America featuring fresh reviews from Latam-based critics concerning the latest movie releases in theaters, DVD, and independent films.

  • Tarreo

    The #1 PC Gaming site in Chile

    As a prominent successor and ally of LevelUp.com in Chile, Tarreo.com (slang for PC gaming in Chilean) leads the way in Latin America and has already positioned itself as the #1 PC gaming site in Chile. Such as LevelUp, Tarreo.com features dynamic forums that promote discussion and user interaction about the latest trends and topics concerning the video game industry.

  • San Diego Red

    Baja’s first binational news site

    SanDiegoRed.com is the first binational site in Baja focused on featuring the latest news and information about the region of Tijuana, Baja California and San Diego, California on a daily basis. SanDiegoRed is also a pioneer in uniting the English and Spanish language in a same news site while still keeping a binational point of view.

  • LEVEL UP Store

    The official video game store for the gamer community in Mexico

    The best online video game store in Mexico. Our goal is to improve the online shopping experience of the gamer community in Mexico by providing all the information they need before the purchase of any of their favorite video game titles, such as: previews, reviews, ratings, latest news, galleries, gameplay, and more.